Dr. Badrul Sarwar

Staff Machine Learning Scientist, LinkedIn, USA
Dr. Badrul Sarwar is currently working as Staff Machine Learning Scientist at LinkedIn Corporation, USA. He specializes in large-scale machine learning algorithms focusing on deep learning, recommender systems, multi-class classification problems, search relevance, and natural language processing. He has published more than a dozen highly impactful research papers and has been granted 17 US patents for his innovative work. One of his papers, “Item-Based Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Algorithms" has over 10,200 Google Scholar citations and has been awarded the “Seoul Test of Time Award, 2016”  by the International World Wide Web Conference Committee which “recognize the authors of one of the most important research papers in the field of recommender systems”. He also received the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) Classic paper award (honorable mention) in 2017. Dr. Sarwar’s work was featured in an article that appeared in the March 12th, 2005 issue of The Economist magazine.   
06.35 PM - 07.00 PM

3:00PM - 8:00PM 11th September 2021

Panel Discussion

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